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King of the Hill

The king of the hill is rewarded every time the round timer reaches 0. A player will need keep the first position for at least 3 minutes to receive a payout!


The faucet playground is free to join by everyone. The top 20 players get paid every round. Give it a try!


The buy-in (minus a small fee) is added to a total cash pot! At the end of the round the pot is divided amongst all surviving players by means of their end score.

What is

Chopcoin is an interactive Bitcoin faucet, combining crypotocurrency with a competitive multiplayer game. This means you can win some Bitcoin by playing with other players for free. Furthermore Chopcoin is a community of cryptocurrency enthusiast and you are rewarded for participating. We aim to provide beginners with a challenging fun experience to learn about Bitcoin and own their first satoshis (smallest denomination of Bitcoin – 0.00000001 Bitcoin).

So let's play and compete for free Bitcoin!

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0.00000000 BTC

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0.00000000 BTC

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0.11118079 BTC

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23.78596836 BTC

Top 10 (last week)

1FuckingFOOL0.00210002 BTC
217236810.00134281 BTC
3SAW0.00118200 BTC
4rastislav3650.00026610 BTC
5HDP0.00022359 BTC
6costa370.00017401 BTC
7serega3580.00016015 BTC
8Sherok0.00015207 BTC
9kale680.00015185 BTC
10nicebtc210.00014750 BTC

Top 10 (all time)

1(♔)ChopBitcoin1.56886572 BTC
2(♕)Ocraus0.93382132 BTC
3(♗)0x1d0.87281138 BTC
4BigBro0.61304132 BTC
5MISTEREO0.53820266 BTC
6(✓)IvanKalyada0.44268714 BTC
7spam0.42761312 BTC
8HDP0.42751256 BTC
9(✓)chopik0070.40689126 BTC
10Propagandalf0.35924589 BTC

Top 10 Rainbot Tips (last week)

No data.

Top 10 Rainbot Tips (all time)

1danielfj190345.04 microBTC (0.00004504 BTC)
2BerkEsther32.22 microBTC (0.00003222 BTC)
3Erick193320.37 microBTC (0.00002037 BTC)
4Hamm3r12.53 microBTC (0.00001253 BTC)
5(@)CryptoJoker698.98 microBTC (0.00000898 BTC)
6Logic8.73 microBTC (0.00000873 BTC)
7(@)DASHgirl8.39 microBTC (0.00000839 BTC)
8ARuf8.04 microBTC (0.00000804 BTC)
9Arch7.98 microBTC (0.00000798 BTC)
10NO16.84 microBTC (0.00000684 BTC)

Top 10 Referrals (last week)

1ahmedjadoon80.92 microBTC (0.00008092 BTC)
2nik23438.67 microBTC (0.00003867 BTC)
3BitcoinBox31.93 microBTC (0.00003193 BTC)
4ELITE2117.85 microBTC (0.00001785 BTC)
5visinvest13.08 microBTC (0.00001308 BTC)
6djera6311.98 microBTC (0.00001198 BTC)
7(✓)IvanKalyada6.62 microBTC (0.00000662 BTC)
8pastense5.49 microBTC (0.00000549 BTC)
9Rassvet4.69 microBTC (0.00000469 BTC)
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